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Frequently asked questions about buying or activating Muvizu:Play+

How to buy Muvizu

In late 2017, a Chinese company called Meshmellow bought the rights to Muvizu, and are currently working on fixing it.

The Muvizu website is not completely operational (It's mainly just the forum and chat working at the moment). Meshmellow have plans to fix the site in the future.

So for now, Meshmellow are offering licence keys via email. See below for pricing information. If you are interested, contact them:

After purchasing a Muvizu key, activate Muvizu as explained below.

Meshmellow's Muvizu pricing

Meshmellow are currently selling two versions of Muvizu, keeping Digimania's pricing scheme.

Muvizu Play+

This version unlocks the basic features like 1080p watermark-free video rendering, access to all the base characters, and the large library of assets and character movements.

RRP £34.99 GBP ($48.60 USD)

Muvizu Pro

This version is the basic EDU version of Muvizu, but also includes all the content packs such as Key-framing and 360 video output.

RRP £54.99 GBP ($76.30 USD)

How to activate Muvizu:Play+ or Muvizu:Pro

If you don't already have a licence key, you will need to purchase one from Meshmellow as explained above.

If you bought a Muvizu:Play+ licence before May 2017, you can find this key by going to .

To activate Muvizu, follow these instructions:

  1. Firstly, make sure you've installed the latest version of Muvizu. You can download it here.
  2. Next, carefully select your whole licence key and copy it to your clipboard.
  3. Open Muvizu, and go to File-->Upgrade to Muvizu:Play+. Click "Enter Licence Key" and Muvizu should automatically activate by taking the code from your clipboard.

Activation error codes


Error E2 means that Muvizu was not able to write the licence file to your hard drive.

To fix this, you need to run Muvizu as an administrator. Right click the Muvizu icon on your desktop and then click "Run as Administrator". Now try activating Muvizu again.


Error W0 means Muvizu has had trouble communicating with the activation server. This is likely due to your firewall blocking Muvizu's connection.

To fix this, either whitelist Muvizu in your firewall, or disable your firewall temporarily while activating Muvizu.


We're not sure what causes error W1. If you find the cause, please post it on our forum.


Muvizu's activation server will only let you try to activate 10 times before marking your key as "used". This is to prevent piracy. Each licence key is only intended for use by one person (But can be used on multiple computers).

Each activation attempt is marked on the server, even if you get an error.

Once you get error W2, it can only be fixed by the company managing Muvizu. (So Meshmellow currently)

Therefore, you need to contact them asking for an extension to your activation attempts. It is up to them whether to do this. If they deny your request, you will need to purchase a new licence as explained above.


Error W3 suggests that there is a problem with the activation server. You should try to activate Muvizu again later. Find out more on our forum.


Error W4 means that Muvizu can't connect to the activation server. Make sure your computer is connected to the internet and try again.

If your computer is connected to the internet, try disabling your firewall.

If you still get this error after that, then it may mean the activation server is no longer online. Find out more on our forum.

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