Returning user trying to recover program

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Returning user trying to recover program

Post by Shiningmonk » Thu Aug 15, 2019 10:17 pm

I purchased Muvizu in 2015 for £24.99 and got a licence number. Over time I changed my computer and forgot my login password. I have the free Muvizu installed but the movie tab is greyed out so I cannot make a movie. If I ask to change my password, nothing happens. If I try to re-register, I get a screen full of garbage characters. I have tried contacting the Muvizu people and even got a reply but they didn't write back when I gave them my details.

I would like to either retrieve my account and use this program again as I have already paid for it, or I would like to be able to re-purchase it (yes I know it sucks to have to pay twice but if that's the only way, then I'll do it).

I have the original emails proving I purchased it.

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Geoff Clarkson
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Re: Returning user trying to recover program

Post by Geoff Clarkson » Fri Aug 16, 2019 9:03 am

I am afraid an awful lot has happened with muvizu since 2015. The original company Digimania has been sold to a small Chinese outfit who only seem interested in selling to the Asian market, and not very interested in supporting existing customers from Digimania.
That being said, that original installation code you were sent should still work if you have it. If you change computers you have to follow a few procedures to tranfer some MAC address files. There are some people in Zuchat who understand that better than me.
As for IDs and passwords from the Muvizu site - I think you might just have to let that go.

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