My intro & some basic questions to you

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Bob Webb
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My intro & some basic questions to you

Post by Bob Webb »

Hi everyone

I'm new to Muvizu and have been on a very steep learning curve over the last few weeks.

In my late 50's, I'm semi-retired, making a few dollars producing 2D explainer videos on the Vyond platform. Most of these presentations concern workplace health & safety.

The last few weeks, I've been exploring Muvizu, with the hope of using it to expand into 3D presentations. So far, Muvizu looks very promising.

By intensely using Muvizu, watching many of your tutorials and exploring this webpage; many of my questions have been answered. I just have the following questions remaining, that I hope the knowledgeable forum members here could answer.

1. I understand the characters have many actions available using the prepare & direct functions. However, is it possible to add further actions, such as driving a car, holding an item - such as tool or using a fire extinguisher?

2. I understand a character can be placed inside items, such as the Muvizu "digger", by adjusting the physical properties. However, other than using a platform, is there any other way of preventing the character from dropping through the digger?

Thank you very much for your attention and consideration.

Perth, Western Australia

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Re: My intro & some basic questions to you

Post by Ikes »

Hello Bob,

Welcome to Anizu.
Unfortunately you can only use the actions available. Actions that are not available you have to mimic, adjust a camera angle, or create it in a video editor post-production. You can let a character hold items in its hands by editing the character, but you can't let a character "pickup" an object. Usually you get two versions of your character, one with the object in hand and one without. You need to switch between characters to fake a pickup.

It depends on the created model how the collision shape is setup, if you can place a character "inside" or not. To place a character in an object without a proper collision shape, the most common way is using a platform to raise the character to the correct height.

Good luck!