Afraid to buy this! Which version??

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Afraid to buy this! Which version??

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So I have been reading a lot about Muvizu and it seems to be perfect for what I want to do in animation BUT there seems to be a huge question mark on the future of this program, but more specifically the licensing. I get the impression that new versions use an activation server which may or may not be up at this time, but I also heard there are older versions of software that just use a licence key that you put in and you are not at the mercy of some server out there being up or not.

My simple question is which version of Muvizu does NOT require a connection to the server, and is this version available for sale?

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Re: Afraid to buy this! Which version??

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Your assumptions are not quite accurate. Since Muvizu went non-beta in 2013, you've needed a licence to active the extra features. The last "free" version from 2013 is on our downloads page along with the most recent version

This licence has always required an activation server to verify your key. Once activated, Muvizu will stay activated without needing any server until your MAC address changes (i.e. you change to a different computer or change the network hardware in your computer). The server will allow you 10 activation attempts by default. If you exceed this you'll need to contact Meshmellow to ask for more attempts.

As far as I know, the activation server remains online and will continue to do so for at least a few years. The company selling Muvizu called Meshmellow will not do any further development on the software. They simply acquired it from Digimania in 2017 so what you see is what you get.

If the server is shut down in the future and you need to move to a different computer, you can transfer your playplus.lic activation file to the new computer and spoof your mac address.
Some users did this in 2017 before Meshmellow got things set up after Digimania went out of business.

This forum is kinda dead now. You can find more active members to answer questions from the Facebook group

Hope this helps :)