Character Movement not running on timeline

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Character Movement not running on timeline

Post by RobW »

Hi, just new and like the ease and simplicity of adding elements.

Downloaded the Muzivu Play 13 64bit version in downloads to give a test run before buying a licence. All good to go and can add characters etc and movement but...
  • When running a walking animation from beginning sometimes stops halfway through the movement and sometimes nothing happens
  • If use pointer to scroll through the animation manually, the movement runs from start to finish
  • As test exported video, went through the motions but nothing just static starting frame
Don' think is machine/hardware related as spec:-
Intel i5 7400, 16gb ram
runs HItfilm and other graphic apps without any issues.

Any ideas would be helpful otherwise will be forced to give up!


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Geoff Clarkson
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Re: Character Movement not running on timeline

Post by Geoff Clarkson »

Can you send a screen shot of the timeline where the action is stopping?
Re not exporting - When you go to 'make video' does everything play correctly in the prevoew window?