Geoff Clarkson ase files bug

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Geoff Clarkson ase files bug

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So I have noticed when I download the ase files for the dinosaur, seagull, and other animals that the file downloads as .html not as a ase file. I have already created the folder un3 and added the image in there as well but I can't get the images to work with me. I even tried online converters as well so it would be a great benefit if you could tell me a way to fix this so I can insert those animals in there.
The second thing I get is unknown error file if I try to import them as well.
Leave a comment below that could help me with this situation.

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Geoff Clarkson
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Re: Geoff Clarkson ase files bug

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If you download something and you get an html file its probably because you have downloaded the link rather the the actual file. To download from that particular list you have to double click on the filename and then choose Save As.
Having said that I realise now that that collection is a real rag bag of files and they are full of errors. I think I had better take down the whole lot to avoid people having problems with them. My apologies.