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KAM Blue Pictures Stream - Muvizu Live! Part 1

by Ziggy72

Video description746 views

A stream dedicated to Muvizu - educational in nature, it covers most aspects of making a movie from scratch (see details below). Stream starts at 10:05 Note - a lot of times the menus don't show up on the screen capture, but I usually say what they are so you should still be able to follow along. Render Layers & real world footage integration - 15:30 Environmental settings - 44:20 Render file formats discussed - 47:15 Audio & Dialog treatment - 1:02:45 Making UV textures for characters - 1:17:30 Character design - 1:40:40 Set preparation - 1:53:05 Character animation - 2:06:15 Animating Expressiveness - 2:24:00 Animating Custom Texture - 2:27:00 Make Video window render options explained - 2:37:10 Part two (where I continue to render and edit the final little film) : Please like and subscribe to show your appreciation :)
Date uploaded to YouTube: 2018-01-31


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