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by Ziggy72

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A study of murder and it's execution based on the words of serial killer Ted Bundy. NSFW. Written by David Kennedy Directed by Ronald McNamara Produced by KAM Blue Pictures 2019.
Date uploaded to YouTube: 2020-07-24


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Dawson Kaiser: Lol Ted was such a weirdo pervert

Stoko: Impressionnant !

Neshap OneSixty: Very impressive.

wykiki: Its a good job to make it with muvizu

Insane Hamster Productions: Awesome job!!

Amis Imal: Very impressed. Very detailed and a lot of stuff. Must have taken a lot of time to do.
Maybe the movie is a bit long, Muvizu is best for short stories. And close-ups should be avoided. Muvizu is not suitable for that...

->KAM Blue Pictures: Thank you. We had to work with what we got, despite Muvizu's limitations :)

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By Ziggy72208 views

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