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The Final Curve

by Geoff Clarkson

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He was Minister for Environment but he had to be taken back to school and on a journey back in time to really understand what was happening to the environment. We now have subtitles for Danish, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Greek, ( Click on Settings) - and also a complete version in Dutch with voices from the Netherlands, . Help with any other languages would be welcome. Please share with the whole world.
Date uploaded to YouTube: 2019-06-08


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Abattoirville: Superb Mr Clarkson. Beautifully crafted , Astonishing amount of dedication and work. Pity one cant comment on it back at Anizu. Kinda getting overlooked.Hats off Sir.

->Geoff Clarkson: Thanks for the comment - Anizu id really for resources and tech information about muvizu. The place for discussion is zuchat - are you a member?

Geoff Clarkson: Subtitles available in Danish, Dutch, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek - Click on Settings

x a: this is so cute

Geoff Clarkson: Dutch version is here

Ellen Purce: Great job, thank you for putting so much time and effort into making this. That's me getting arrested at 00:41 by the way haha, can I ask where you got the footage?

->Geoff Clarkson: It was on an ITN news clip.

Kn Swain: I used Muvizu Play+, But muvizu worked very slow , can you please tell me which graphic card i use ? i used Graphic Card NVIDIA GeForce 820M

Geoff Clarkson: A version in Dutch is on its way. I am looking for people who might voice these characters in French, German, Spanish or other languages.

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