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Suggestions from newbie

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Hi all, tried to post this under Feedback section in Muvizu forum but ran into problems with the captcha. Will try later. Posting it here as well. Thanks.



I am just a couple of weeks old to knowing Muvizu, and I am trying out my first animation video in Muvizu. I have never touched animation before. I have been a passionate music guy and have high end DAW and VSTs. Knowing about how easy it is to create animation in Muvizu inspired me now to look into animation to create my own music videos and in these past few days, I have also downloaded a trial of iClone and have taken a look at some of the very basic things. I am happy to see and realise that animation has become a reality for anyone and everyone to try, just like doing music at home has and I hope Muvizu will give us much more than what it already has. Its a very nice software with a really cool visualistic appeal. Right now, I seem to like the look and feel of the Muvizu characters more than the highly realistic looking human characters in iclone. These are my first set of suggestions. I am sure many others might have provided the same suggestions, but I guess no harm in sending them out one more time to add more weightage.

1. Improve Keyframing. Current keyframing is very basic and does not provide even the basic flexibility we would expect of software from current times.

a. Allow keyframing in character movement.

b. Allow copy, cut, paste, stetching (increasing or decreasing duration) of keyframe data clips so that these can be modified easily. This will make the actions most powerful. e.g. slowing down a character action or movement to match musical beats, or slow motion effect on an object besides allowing the flexibility for the whole action creation to be done with a much more realistic action visual in mind. Additionally, drag and drop mode of action keyframing could be implemented like creating a keyframe at a particular frame and dragging an action and dropping it to that frame.

2. Provide custom character action creator so that we could create our own custom actions within Muvizu and save them as action templates.

Other than that, please resolve the error related to Failure to Load scene due to failure to load an object from file. I hit this error just after activating my pro licence and lost the very first scene. I purchased Muvizu in a hurry just to preserve that scene and it was very demotivating. Muvizu should report failure to load an object. If it is due to object file getting corrupted, it can simply report and then proceed with loading the rest of the scene. If it is due failure to find the object file in the known location, it should ask if we would like to specify new location. If answered yes, it loads with the new object, if no, it just loads the rest of the scene. The most it could do is to replace the object that failed to load with some kind of marker to show where the failed object was so that we could recall what is missing, e.g. like placing an empty ghost object with a red X or something which would not be rendered and could be just deleted if we wanted.