Asset Copyright Information

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Asset Copyright Information

Post by GPetrin2018 »

I don't see any copyright info being discussed on this forum. Are we able to use the assets from members that have been uploaded to the temporary Muvizu website? Without having to deal with any copyright issues. Are the assets free to use commercially? Thanks.

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Re: Asset Copyright Information

Post by Ziggy72 »

Using the assets in your movie would always be okay unless otherwise stated on the description of the model/set/etc. Same goes for commercial use - unless there's a specific instruction about copyright, all you should need to do is give credit. Claiming ownership of other people's stuff or reselling it is where the line gets crossed.

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Geoff Clarkson
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Re: Asset Copyright Information

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We do keep an eye out for any assets posted here which are fraudulently claimed to be original work, but have been lifted from elsewhere. On a very few occasions we have had to remove some posts or even ban the member concerned.

We decided early on not to allow any trading on here. Assets posted should be able to be freely used by other members but we encourage people to give thanks and acknowledgements to the creators.