Updating Muvizu

Advice and workarounds on how to make the Muvizu moviemaking process easier for yourself!
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Updating Muvizu

Post by Kent »

Hello, I have a working version of Muvizu+ and for sometime (after the Muvizu changing ownership) it continually asks to be updated on startup. It was updated I know right before Muvizu closed down previously. I still have not updated due to being concerned it (or other addons) might not register properly. I don't know my version.

Is it safe to update and is there updates available that will really make a difference? Thanks.

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Re: Updating Muvizu

Post by zeke365 »

So I had the same problem when I updated muvizu software but it acully update with in the software (my guess is as good as your wise it that way)

So step 1 is to open tool then go to tool packs

Step to You should see install and uninstall depending on the packs you have all you need to do is install them


Then all you do install the packs you need does not effect the software in one way, just something built into it. I had to do it myself and fixed a lot of problems i had before when I switched it to another PC.

Depends on which one you have did you have before it shut down or did buy it under the new ownership? This may help.