A Question About the Muvizu Wiki and more

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A Question About the Muvizu Wiki and more

Post by Rocque »

Hi everyone,
Did someone manage to save the content on the Muvizu Wiki. I know MDW13 contributed a lot there so I am hoping all of his information is archived somewhere.

Are the Muvizu tutorials still available on YouTube? I have not looked to see if they still have their channel. I guess I could answer this question myself, but what fun would that be.

Is there any news on UKBerty and the movie they were working on? I hope they will be able to finish it.

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Re: A Question About the Muvizu Wiki and more

Post by Doc »

Hi Rocque,

The MuvizuYT YouTube channel is still up so all the tutorials are still available.

There's an archive of the Wiki here with all the pages but they can only be accessed from the main index: http://www.anizu.uk/wiki


UPDATE: The video tutorials can be found here: http://www.anizu.uk/help (select the relevant category to find the right tutorial)