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The Firesign Theatre - Mark Time! | Anizu Gallery

The Firesign Theatre - Mark Time!

by bigwally

Video description166 views

From the circum-solar universe comes Mark Time who saves the day! Performed by the Firesign Theatre.
Date uploaded to YouTube: 2018-12-31


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You-Tube Junkie: It makes me want to research...flat earth.
Makes me wonder why there is no real photo of earth.
Makes me wonder why the Hubble telescope never took a photo of earth.

->You-Tube Junkie: @BigWallyFilms I feel sorry for you.
You're going to die, without knowing the truth.

->BigWallyFilms: There are plenty of photos of the Earth, so I don't know what the hell you're talking about. The Hubble telescope is orbiting the Earth but was designed to look at other things in our galaxy. Besides there are literally 100's, if not thousands, of telescopes in orbit that watch the Earth all the time. You need a new tin-foil hat. Thanks for playing.

lee wright, Iron Monkey Tattooer: Hi There is there a way i can contact you regarding a music video project ?

Dennis Triplett: Excellent work, you did an excellent job! Very creative and funny. Love your sense of humor. I want more of the adventures of Mark Time. Too funny...

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