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AR Blat - Ugandan Knuckles Do You Know Da Way | Anizu Gallery

AR Blat - Ugandan Knuckles Do You Know Da Way

by zylbat

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Mixed up AR Blat - Ugandan Knuckles show me da way ok!
Date uploaded to YouTube: 2018-02-06


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ContentWTF: I can’t afford a proper VR so I made my own here in Uganda !

->陆翔: What the heck hahahahahahahahahahahaha man you're getting progressively better at this......jesus......"African Reality" lmao I'm dying

->ContentWTF: 陆翔 here in Ugandan Africa we don’t have this new fangled VR but we have instead something called AR or African Reality and it is just as scary my brudda

->陆翔: ContentWTF
Doesn't Brad have one? Is he being a little brastard and not willing to let you try it?😂

Dom Zaio: Are you famous enough to get dislikes already? :O

->ContentWTF: i wish
im trying new approach re dog animated videos
suggestions welcomed for script (short) and actions of Dog Dog

陆翔: Your Knuckles model is pretty funny hahaha I liked the video!
And by da way, in case you didn't know the origin of this meme (like most people), I want to recommend you one video which talks about it in great depth, it's actually quite interesting:
And also a fun little video from the same channel that digs deep into the story of Knuckles, probably too deep but hey, why not lol:

->ContentWTF: 陆翔 here in Uganda we don’t have VR but we do have AR (African Reality) we find it is just as real !

DerpTrooper4000: Happy 2018 zyldad post!

Alek Lively: Seems like someone finally knows the true way...the way to end all Ugandan Knuckles. But your content is actually hilarious

Nation Of Kings: Yay a 2018 post

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