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28 (days)

by Ikes

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Nathan, a schoolteacher tainted by a connection with a terrorist, is detained for 28 days then released without charge. In the following 28 days, he tries to recover his former life relationships and job.
Date uploaded to YouTube: 2018-02-13


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Creator's Table: That is definitely interesting

Lib Hopper: Great to see you are back! This stuff is excellent, especially the camera work. Is that due in part to the 3D camera technology they include in the software now?

ziggy72: Damn, that's heavy, and the hand held camera look is hard to pull off right, but you did it. Awesome :)

->Vidual: Thank you Ziggy, nice to hear this from you. It was quite some work for the camera, but I'm happy with the result. Also thanks for your handcuffs model I used.

Patrick Marr: Brilliant, Ikes! You have a real talent for this! Your sets are amazing, and your actions are very believable. Considering Muvizu's limitations, the quality you achieve speaks well of your ability to think outside the box. I particularly liked the dripping faucet. Awesome job from start to finish! Standing ovation!

->Lib Hopper: ...and the layer of type over the main character's face when he was at the dry erase board. brilliant!

->Vidual: Thanks Pat for your uplifting comment, it makes me happy :)

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28 (days)

By Ikes57 views

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