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FIREWATER by Trevor Roper for SizzleTube | Anizu Gallery

FIREWATER by Trevor Roper for SizzleTube

by trevor sizzle

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For this song "Firewater " the video features a reformed Sizzle my old band in animation form ,A drunken Hillbilly Hoedown , Slide Guitar on this is not played by me ,credit where it's due !! Mangeld WAV files !!!.Hope you like ;-) Track 7 from the album Play Me (Something New) ,Thanking you all for your continued support it is very much appreciated and makes all the work I put into recording songs and making the video's for my songs worthwhile, ;-) Believe in love Trevor Firewater (Trevor Roper ) Loving you gets me high, gets me high We should drink this planet dry Let's celebrate and party down ,party down We'll have a really great good time Firewater, Firewater lift me up off the ground bring me round Our love is true ,yes its also true Lets drink a toast to me and you We'll drink whiskey from a jar, from a jar Our firewater special brew Firewater, Firewater lift me up off the ground bring me round we'll feel firewater flowing through our veins We'll dance and kiss beneath the stars Firewater, Firewater lift me up off the ground bring me round Why don't we get hitched and settle down , settle down We could raise a kid or two We'll drink firewater in our own little barn And wet their heads with special brew Firewater, Firewater lift me up off the ground bring me round Firewater, Firewater lift me up off the ground bring me round Firewater, Firewater , ©2019 Sizzle Productions
Date uploaded to YouTube: 2019-03-11


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Many Aliases: Excellent song, singing, instrument work, recording and animation. I will be sharing this at the weekend on twitter as part of country and western show.

->Sizzletube: Wow !! Many did not expect that ;-) Thank you very much , I am not on twitter so will not be able to give it a listen , I can only just keep up with youtube !!!! but wish you all the best for the show ;-) I dont normally do Country & Western , And believe it or not I did not really realise it was until a subscriber pointed it out to me , just recorded what sounded right ;-) and went with a hillbilly feel to the video , On Personal level on your last post you said you liked Psychedelic Music , and I told you I was posting a song in that genre on that following Monday , unfortunately had to rush my wife to hospital on that day , so it did not get posted till later , leaving the link if you still want to check it out
Hope you like it , and thank you my friend , Big Time ;-) believe in love Trevor

MountainGirl FrenchAlps: Wow that was a fun video :D Like 58!

Howell Osborne: Mighty fine video and performance! Love the animation!!!!!

->Sizzletube: pleased you liked my video and song Howell ;-) Thank you very much ;-) believe in love Trevor

Hòa vlog: Hello 👏👏👍🌹🌹👉🛎👌57👌

->Sizzletube: pleased you liked my video and song ;-) Thank you very much ;-) believe in love Trevor

Ana Gastarova: Fantastic Video Friend

->Sizzletube: pleased you liked my video and song Ana ;-) Thank you very much ;-) believe in love Trevor

TOM KLOEHR DRUM CHANNEL: Cool song my friend and I loved the animated band! :D

->Sizzletube: pleased you liked my video and song Tom ;-) Thank you very much ;-) believe in love Trevor

Marilia Artes: Olá vim retribuir a visita tamos juntos 💪 DEUS te abençoe muito!!👍🏼🔔

->Sizzletube: pleased you came and liked my video and song Marilla ;-) Thank you very much ;-) believe in love Trevor

RogN Channel: Good job !! Enjoy with your song & video.Thank you for sharing,my friend.🎉🌾💐💓...Have a good weeken.🎊🎊😋🌸

->Sizzletube: pleased you liked my video and song RogN ;-) Thank you very much ;-) believe in love Trevor

mammsie graham: get the fire water at the waterin hole with some classic sizzle Pixar style I thought I was watching toy store  this is so awesome Trev sorr I haven't had much time to do  any youtuben lately had a good friend pass and gave me the blues for a bit but this sure picked me up (= how could you not smile at cartoon trev or as the adults say animated lol

->Sizzletube: +mammsie graham You have a great soul Mammsie and you are a great guy ;-) you have a great voice and you can make that piece of wood with six strings sing ;-) and you are right not to look upon yourself as a country performer , you are more than what genres want to bag you up into , you are a songwriter and songwriters write what comes from the etha into their minds and are not restricted by Genre , so just keep doing what you are doing ;-) I forgot to mention in my last comment the reason I Was telling you about my next post , It was your cats !!! as the song features a woman and her cat , I dont have a cat , I am a dog lover really , but no longer have a dog as we lost our two dogs within 18 months of each other a few years ago , and have decided that the heartache we felt when we lost them , was like losing a child , so have not felt like putting ourselves through that again , But when I was a young boy at home with my parents we had 4- 5 cats , so i know they can be a lot of fun and give a lot of love back , Keep hearing those Cellos and violins , and refuse to be put in a genre bag !! ;-) Trevor

->mammsie graham: and thank you for sayin about my friend he was a great man

->mammsie graham: o no way bro that's great it will stil be raw yet supped up I cant wait to see it that's gonna rock made me perk up right when I read what you wrote  and yes sir it doesn't get easier maybe we cope some what better but never easy I was mostly raised by my grama my mom and aunts were strippers lol and grams  she passed on valentines day so theres that constant  reminder and  I don't have  much real family witht the exception of my children and mom  so when she passed I literally didn't speak for a month well maybe a few mumbles knew it was now me  vs the world and it did harden me  some as a young man the no dad thing gets to us and then no family  it was almost like haven a chip on my shoulder sheesh im rambling lol the point was the not talking but again I found those things weren't bad for me I just didn't know how to cope with them when I look back now and all the times  I say no im not a musician I see this life of crazy things that  people write about and smile that I got to live the story I had my picture when I was 2 years old at the race track lol I used to go to the bookies  with my grama all the time thank you for jarring my memory in our talk brother  that's the creative force in you   you see such a bigger picture that even the simple one guitar is a symphony like hearing one birdie then  the flock flies in and its one beautiful song  Ilove it  my mind works those way it always hears a cello and violins in my music I guess I get the country thang cause my twang lol but I never thought of my tunes as country I just think in terms of they are music and yes indeed  we influence more than we ever imagine  and I am a living testament  without you wonderful souls I I woulod have never found what voice I do have I love you bro

->Sizzletube: Hi Mammsie , sorry to hear you have been down due to the loss of you friend , I have been there quite a few times and it never seems to get easier , pleased you liked my animation video and song ;-) I have been planning to post a song with me and my guitar and no production for my next post , inspired by you and Janet ,How ever shot the video thought i would add some drums , then of course had to add some Bass oh and a little piano would be nice !!!!!! before I had given it any thought that simple little number had evolved into a full on production , Hey Ho I tried !!!! it would seem that I am too old to change !!! but hope you will give it a listen in a couple of weeks time , it is still very basic for me though , Thank you my friend , dont get too low ,those cats will give you a lot of love and Fun ;-) believe in love Trevor

Danny Maness: This is fabulous! Thanks for subscribing to my channel yesterday, but WOW, this is FANTASTIC!

->Sizzletube: pleased you liked my video and song and animation Danny ;-) Thank you very much ;-) believe in love Trevor

Tis Lisa: excellant trevor very catchy too 😎😎

->Sizzletube: pleased you liked ;-) Thank you Lisa believe in love Trevor

Sub Me Please: Welcome please

sproutcentral: Loved the song Trevor...really rocks along nicely...and catchy too.
The animation was impressive too...well done. What software did you use to create that? I'll understand if you want to keep it to
Cheers, Dave :))

->Sizzletube: +sproutcentral I also downloaded blender a couple of months ago , had a few attempts at creating something with it , and went back to my old programs !! so I do wish you luck ;-) it's not very user friendly, I only use these programs to make videos for my music , if there is a large learning curve and it takes me away from writing then that's no good !!!the software I do use is getting a bit dated now , but at least I have cracked the use of them !! this animation took me about 3 weeks of all my free time , and was pleased to have it completed in the end , I had planned to have most of the hillbillies falling about drunk at the end but by that Time I was getting bored with the tedious animation process , it's the second time I have used it , and will use it again in the future some time , but not for a while ;-) Ha ha , best of luck with Muvizu , believe in love Trevor

->sproutcentral: +Sizzletube Thanks for the info Trev. Like you, I'm happy to give out info regarding programs etc. because at the end of the day it's the person using the software and not the software itself that produces the end you've shown with this video. I'll check it out and see how I go. I downloaded Blender a little while back but haven't got my head around it wish me luck. Cheers, Dave :))

->Sizzletube: Hi
Dave and thank you for your visit ;-) pleased you liked this song and the
animation I used for the video ;-) , You should know me by now ,  I am no different from you , just a guy who
writes music and shares here on YouTube , no one upmanship in my book , If I
can help I will , I have had the animation software since 2012 and posted a
song back then using it "  Believe
In Love " BELIEVE IN LOVE by  (TREVOR) SIZZLE   at that time the software company that owned
it was based in Scotland , it went into receivership a couple of years ago and
is now owned by a company in China and the site where you can download a free
version of the programme or purchase a better version of the programme ,Has got
it's problems since the Chinese company took over , so be careful , a site was
created by the existing users of the programme , and is very good at helping
to sort out and advise on any problems, so please do your homework and don't
rush in and purchase blindly , I am sure that the existing problems will
eventually get sorted , but thought it best to point out that the site is not
working as it should at the moment ;-) YouTube are presently policing and
looking for link based posts so cant give you the links , but if you google
search for " Muvizu " the software & "Anizu" the users help site , you should be able to get all the info you require
, please contact me if you cant find it and we will sort out another way for you to get to the site , hope I have been helpful ;-) Believe in love Trevor

Ron Mitzel Entertainment Reviews: Oh now this is an incredible performance.fantastic job

->Sizzletube: pleased you liked Ron , ;-) Thank you believe in love Trevor PS I thought I was subscribed to you !! I have not had any posts from you for a long time , if when I pop and check your channel after this , and see that I am not , I will resub you , I have had a lot of my subscriptions canceled of late , I honestly dont know whats happening with youtube recently

Stafford's Music Studio: That slide guitar was fantastic ! awesome video very cool animation ! Just a all around good song !

->Stafford's Music Studio: +Sizzletube will do and thank you my friend

->Sizzletube: Hello my friend pleased to have you visit ;-) I do play Lead guitar on most of my songs that require it, But nowhere near as proficient as you , on this one i programed midi drums and recorded vocals inc backing vocals , Bass and rhythm guitar , The slide a first for me was Mangled cut and pasted WAV files , and would not want to let you think that I played the slide, credit where it's due ! ;-) as I grow older the song is what is paramount for me , if I can get the best sound for that song I will , so using midi and what ever I can lay my hands on to make the songs as pro sounding as I can , I enjoy the recording and producing side of things very much , this seems to be the way forward for me , now that my band has fallen apart due to age related illnesses , would love to have you visit and cast your ear on more of my work , Thank you for your visit and comment it is very much appreciated , believe in love Trevor

Sub Me Please: welcome please

->Sizzletube: pleased you liked ;-) Thank you believe in love Trevor

TV OK: Fantastic Video Friend! 😍stay connected~Excellent song

->Sizzletube: pleased you liked my Animated video and song ;-) Thank you TV OK believe in love Trevor

Kemal Karataş: Hello my friend 49 like👋👋👋

->Sizzletube: pleased you liked my Animated video and song ;-) Thank you Kemal believe in love Trevor

TAK FULLHOUSE: I had missed this video! Awesome upload my friend! thanks for sharing!

->Sizzletube: pleased you liked my Animated video and song ;-) Thank you very much Tak believe in love Trevor

G MAY: Super dig the your channel..cheers from Camp GMAY and California

->Sizzletube: pleased you liked my Animated video and song ;-) Thank you G MAY believe in love Trevor

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